The shipping company TS ANIPEKS was founded in 1992 in Radom. As a transport company it conducted its business activity all over the country. The company started its activity equipped with only one car. However, thanks to the effort of the owner put in the company development and due to the high quality of the services offered by him, today the company has eight cars. Year after year the company is growing by improving the customer service and by aiming at the best possible results.

Since the beginning of the company existence, the capital surplus has been invested in increasing the value of capital goods: as regards their quantity and quality. Systematically, the average period of company cars exploitation is being decreased. Almost entire fleet is a modern, eco-friendly tractors meet European emission standard Euro 5, we are planning to purchase next cars in the years to come.

Since 2004 transportation services have been increased of international transport and since 2008 – of shipping.

Siedziba firmy:
ul. Marglowa 40/1
26-600 Radom

Baza transportowa:
Ul. Tetmajera 33
26-600 Radom

Tel./fax +48 48 331 06 07 Certified Forwarder Certified Carrier